Our Mission


Our school motto is ‘Aspire and Achieve’.

Allestree Woodlands School aims to educate young people to the highest possible academic standard of which they are capable. Success at this school is built on a strong partnership between students, parents, staff and governors; a partnership which thrives in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. The school is committed to bringing out the best in each student in whatever field is appropriate – academic, sporting, artistic, musical, dramatic, creative, or in overall leadership and care for the community in which they live and work. We aim to impart the values, skills and knowledge needed to live and prosper in the adult world. We also want all our students to become good citizens, good parents, good partners and good employees. We want them to be good role models have successful lives. A positive school experience will help our students to become a success in the future.

Woodlands is a place where people matter...

All members of the school community have been involved in drawing up these values and aims.
Adopted by the Governing Body in 2013.

At Allestree Woodlands School we foster:

  • the best education and achievement for all
  • the nurturing of mutual respect and high self confidence
  • the celebration of achievement and success
  • the full involvement in education of all students, staff, parents/carers and the wider community
  • respect for diversity
  • the enjoyment of education

As a result of these values Allestree Woodlands School will:

  • offer a high quality teaching and learning environment that meets the needs of all our students
  • offer a wide range of learning opportunities for all students and staff
  • enable all students to become confident and independent learners
  • aim to equip all students with the learning habits and qualifications needed for modern life
  • work in partnership with all parents/carers and the wider community to ensure the success of all our students and staff
  • sustain a school community where all of its activities speak of care, courtesy, consideration, and hard work


Governors Vision Statement