Use of ICT and Assessments


New resources purchased for use with Enhanced Learning Department are:

  • Lexia UK – a literacy improvement course which identifies gaps in students learning allowing to school to place students on appropriate intervention programmes and within designated classes
  • Numeracy Workout
  • Numeracy Warmup
  • Level Up Maths
  • Maths Workout
  • Maths Watch  - 4 specialist programmes as part of a numeracy improvement course
  • SEMERC emotional Literacy – to support emotionally vulnerable students
  • GL Assessments Dyslexia Pre-Screening – to identify potentially dyslexic students
  • GL Spelling and reading tests – used in year 7 to establish the reading ages of students and appropriate classroom materials
  • Visual Stress assesments and use of overlays
  • Physio Therapy assessments and work for students with Physical disabilities