The Enhanced Learning Faculty currently has two dedicated rooms – The Hub and an additional classroom within the main school building.

The HUB was established in September 2012 and has become a very positive and popular place for students to attend for KS3 Enhanced Learning withdrawal lessons and KS4 Personalised Curriculum lessons.  The Hub is open before school, at break, lunch and after school. Students feel that it is a safe haven and it provides them with a base which is supervised by the Enhanced Learning staff. Students, especially in years 7 and 8, regularly come to the Hub and enjoy the supportive environment which helps them cope with everyday life at school.

The school is undergoing a re- build from January 2015 until April of 2016 which will provide the department with a suite of specialist rooms including sound proofed facilities for specialist work with deaf students, a dyslexia specialism classroom, a sensory room for use with Autistic children and designated teaching rooms for small group work.